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The Circle of Life According to a Local Shepherd

shepard with lamb

hand carved shepherd from Columbia; pic-lcg





One of the greatest joys this side of Heaven for me, is to be a pastor, shepherd and friend. God has called me to be a hope dealer, pastor, and suburban missionary. Several years ago I met the aged missionary Sidney Perdue, who along with his wife had served as missionaries to Columbia. TRC purchased a hand carved wooden shepherd carrying a lamb which Missionary Perdue told me had been carved by one of the pastors there. I love being a shepherd!

If you look close enough at the little lamb being carried by the wooden shepherd, you will see that it’s missing an ear. Elder Perdue told me  it was missing because it had been dropped a few times in all the traveling. We’ve set this shepherd in the offices of our local church ever since we brought it home to TRC where it has continued to get knocked over and over. Yet each time we simply pick it back up. Funny thing, this reminds me of life!

Life is a continuous fresh stream of variety.”

From the pastoral perspective, life is a continuous fresh stream of variety. Over the past couple of weekends, Cynthia and I have dedicated a new baby, married a new couple, visited a precious older couple in the hospital and rejoiced this very night as a brand new little baby boy was born to one of our new young families. It is not uncommon while one is welcomed into this life, another is slipping from this life, just as in any given service one is drawing closer to God while another is drifting just a little farther from God. Cynthia and I are aware and amazed by the seeming never ending cycle of life, as we see it from the pastoral perspective within a local church family.

We love being a pastor and wife, and we love and care for our people (the local flock and family of faith). Yes, they get knocked around and over at times. Yes, we keep picking them back up again and again. Sometimes we lose an ear, a victory, a smile, a marriage, a family, and little ground here and there. We pick them back up again. We carry them a little further. Sometimes we carry, sometimes we bury. Sometimes we marry, sometimes we tarry. Sometimes we comfort. We weep. We rejoice. And then we do it all over again. ‘Tis another week in the life of our local church family. It’s all part of the wonderful cycle of life according to a local shepherd and wife.

“It’s all part of the wonderful cycle of life according to a local shepherd and wife”

Cynthia and I love being a pastor and wife.


Rom 12:15

15 Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.


A fellow shepherd in the field,

lcgore, hope dealer