When My Heart Is Overwhelmed!


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L. Chancy Gore, bishop & hope dealer,
the refuge church of the lake cities

Normally I’m not one given to worry, anxiety or being overwhelmed. I’ve had my moments like anyone else. Recently, however, it seemed to be one of those seasons where the buildup of many things in life began to weigh heavily on me. I surprised myself by whispering out loud and alone, “I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed!” 

Then I heard the words of the psalmist of old whispering back to my spirit.

“…when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I” 

Psalm 61:2

This Holy Spirit inspired and scriptural answer calmed my broken spirit once again. Being overwhelmed and feeling overwhelmed are real and powerful things we deal with as humans. Our answer still remains the same. Our answer is still God, His Word, His Spirit, prayer, worship and daily relationship with Him. 

I was born in Garland, Texas. However, I grew up in southern California on a small beach community. As a boy, climbing upon and walking over the huge rocks that made up the jetties and the harbor between Silver Strand Beach and Hollywood Beach was almost a daily part of my life. Channel Islands Harbor was my boyhood playground. When I climbed up on those rocks, I could see a whole lot further. My perspective changed. I could see a bigger picture. One time I came upon a man that was sitting on the rocks. He was an artist. He was drawing. He was drawing a very lifelike ink drawing of the rock jetty, the harbor and the beach landscape. It was amazing!

God is our Rock. We should remember our need of Him every day. When our hearts become burdened down and overwhelmed, we need to find our way back to the Rock that is higher than any of us. It is in His presence that we can find a new and fresh perspective. There, we can find a bigger, better and clearer picture of it all. Who knows what the Master Artist may be drawing upon the canvas of our hearts in the process?

Have you felt overwhelmed of late? Are you overwhelmed right now? You’re not alone. The psalmist of old and I know how you feel. Jesus knows how you feel! Make your way to The Rock right now. Sometimes we need someone else to lead us. Sometimes we can’t find our way on our own. Sometimes, we can’t find our way back on our own. Please allow me to lead you to The Rock. Let’s go to Him together. His name is Jesus. A fresh perspective and vision of hope awaits you.