When Dreamers Die

scripture screen shotpic by lcg

When Dreamers Die

bishop lcgore | september 1, 2016


When dreamers die,
dark seems the sky,

When dreamers die,
It’s easy to ask, “Why?”

When dreamers die some give up the fight,
When dreamers die, how dark is the night!

Even dreamers hurt and bleed,
Every dreamer has their own need,

Even shepherds can fall apart,
Even dreamers can be weary of heart,

Sometimes hope hurts,
Sometimes dreaming again hurts,

“Lord, when…?”
“Lord, I thought…”
“Lord, things were supposed to be…”

Every crucifixion leads to resurrection when you refuse to stay down,
The spirit of faith says, “My God will turn this around!”

Every God called dreamer must come to a place of…

“I die daily”,
“He must increase, I must decrease”,
“Not my will, but thine be done Oh Lord”,

Doth the dreamer yet live?
Doth the dreamer yet hope?
Dare the dreamer to dream again?
A thousand thundering times, “YES!”

It’s time to dream again!
It’s time to get up again!
It’s time to try again!
It’s time to run again!
It’s time to believe again!


The dreamer liveth!
The dreamer cometh!
The dreamer is back!

He’s carrying his book of visions and dreams,
Hope, healing and Holy Spirit,

I hear the dreamer coming,
Can you hear it?

Let us work while it is yet day,
Church, we must all work,

Dream it!
Dare it!
Share it!
Do it!

The dreamer liveth!
The dreamer is arising!
Behold, the dreamer is here!
Thou art the dreamer!

Hope is rising!