So They Set Forward

crosspic: lcgore

Recently, at The Refuge Church, I preached a message entitled, “So They Set Forward!”

“…so they set forward” -Numbers 2:34

God wants His church to go forward. Are you determined to go forward in your walk with God? Is your mind made up to go forward in your ministry?

Let me encourage you to be “set forward” in your prayer, fasting, worship, love, soul winning, giving, victory, revival and etc!
I want to share with you a poem my daughter Elizabeth recently wrote about going forward. May it breathe fresh breath into your spirit today.



Elizabeth Gore

“No turning back” are the words that ring in my ears.

Forward oh God! In You I will trust despite my many fears.

Now is my time to choose, I know I’ve come too far to lose, so I’ve made up my mind.

Forward is my direction. I’m keeping my prize in view, on Heaven’s glorious reflection!

The world continues to distract, but I will keep my walk with You in tact.

Forward oh God! Forward despite the trials that come my way. I know they are not here to stay.

Yes storms will come, and I may not know what to do, but I know my anchor, my strong tower, and a very present help is in You.

Never turning back to the way things were. I am planted, rooted in your Word.

Forward is my direction! I’m keeping my prize in view! Oh Heaven’s glorious reflection!


lcgore, hope dealer