Bishop L. Chancy & Cynthia Gore have been serving and leading our TRC family for some 25 years. God has called them to be “suburban missionaries” to Wylie and her surrounding lake cities area. They have been married nearing 30 years and have four wonderful children – Landon, Elizabeth, Madelyn & Grayson. The Gores enjoy raising their family and living in “Wide Awake Wylie”.

TRC is an apostolic training & sending center. We are always training new ministries. Our long term goal is to one day “send them away” in the spirit of Acts 13:1-4. TRC is working to become the “Antioch of the Lake Cities”. This apostolic ministry of mentoring is in the spirit of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ for His church. It is in with the keeping of our local mission – “reaching people, building people, reaching people“.

Elizabeth Bradley – pastoral administrative assistant

Brandon & Hollye Brua – assistant pastor & wife

Matthew & Elizabeth Bradley – assistant pastor & wife

Jaime & Brenda Perez – assistant pastor & wife

Pastoral Care Team – Matthew & Elizabeth Bradley, Jaime & Brenda Perez, Brandon & Hollye Brua, Steve & Madison Posey, Tanner & Kelci Conkle

TRC International Evangelist – Landon Gore