Hope Is Rising!

hope is risingpic: Elizabeth Gore


My oldest daughter, Elizabeth, recently slipped up on a butterfly resting on a flower and snapped the above picture. When I see it, I think of hope. Child of God, it is time for you to hope again. It is time for your faith to fly again. It is time for you to rise again and continue to be all that God has designed you to be. Make your life count for Him.


Are you living up to your God potential? Why not? What is holding you back or down?


I believe God has a very specific plan for your life. You are not an accident. If you could only see yourself the way God sees you. It’s time to get up again. Hope is rising. Believe again. Love again. Run again. Try again. Forgive again. Pray again. Read your Bible again. Spread your wings and fly again. Dream again.


Hope is rising! You are rising!

lcgore, hope dealer