Hope Is Rising!

flowerpic: lcgore



Farewell, 2015. Hello, 2016! Thank God for another day. Thank God for a fresh year to begin. Thank God for His mercies which are new every morning.


May we all endeavor to make the most of this new year concerning our faith, families and future. It’s time to hope again. It’s time to dream again. It’s time to love again. It’s time to believe again. It’s time to be renewed again. It’s time to forgive again. It’s time to pray again. It’s time to seek the face of God again. It’s time to get up again.


Hello, victory! Hello, healing! Hello, hope! Hello, Holy Ghost!


May you feel fresh strength, anointing and hope in your wings today, friend. It’s time to fly again, child of God. Hope is rising!



bishop lcgore


Hope is rising,

A new day surprising,


Today is the beginning of a new season,

Lean not unto your own reasons,


Continue to walk with God,

He will guide you on the path you trod,


May you feel His soft wind blowing you ahead,

You are alive! You’re not dead!


May you feel His hope again,

May you feel HIs Spirit within!


Hello, victory! I knew you’d be mine.

Hello, healing! I knew you’d finally come for me.


Hello, joy! It’s been a long night.

Hello, mercy! It’s a new morning.


Hello, hope! You’ve brought me through the storm.

Hello, prayer! We’ve got a lot to talk about.


I’m dreaming again.

I’m believing again.


I’m seeing again.

I’m forgiving again.


I’m loving again.

I’m trying again.


I’m getting up again.

I’m flying again.


I’m hoping again.

I’m free!


Hope is blossoming.


Hope is rising!


lcgore, hope dealer