HE Graphicpic by elizabeth

lc gore 5-2-18
1 John 4:19


He was despised so we could be loved.
He was rejected so we could be accepted.
He was bruised so we could be beloved and beautiful.
He was bound so we could be set free.
He was afflicted so we could have peace.
He was broken so we could be made whole.
He was, at one moment, hopeless so we could live in daily hope!
He took our griefs so we could be victorious.
He took on our sorrows so we could be joyful.
He beame weak so through Him we could become strong.
He was buried for us so we could be buried with Him in baptism.
He rose again so we could live again and be born again.
He gave us His name so we don’t have to remain the same!
He gave us His Holy Spirit so we could be full of the Spirit of holiness.
He is One so that we could be one with Him.
He loved us first so that we could learn to love Him.
He is God!
His name is Jesus!