The Little Things


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Madelyn Gore


Spring is a time to plant,

Spring is a time to take chance,

Spring is a time to love,

Spring is a time to gaze up at the sky above,

Spring is a time for dreams,

Spring is a time to sing,

But let us never forget the little things.


By Madelyn Gore

Under the Shadow of the Wings of God


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L. Chancy Gore, bishop & hope dealer,
the refuge church of the lake cities

Rowlett, Texas. A crazy rooster and several hens freely roamed “the back forty” of my grandparent’s backyard. They probably had an acre of land. One day I was in the backyard and suddenly a good ole’ North Texas thunderclap roared upon us. It was loud! One of the hens had several little chicks within several feet of her. As soon as that thunderclap clapped with the sound of a million heavenly hands, her wings shot out. Within three seconds all of her chicks were under her wings! Then they all moved with mother hen and her wings as one unit. It was a beautiful little sight. It was a wonderful life lesson for me as a boy.

Later, as I became a Christian and then a preacher and pastor I’ve thought about that story many times. As the years have progressed, I’ve run for the shadow, protection, cover and comfort of God’s wings.

Obviously, we know that God doesn’t have giant wings. This is a word picture for us humans to describe God in our human understanding. Seeing that we are humans, we relate to this. I must make a side note that I do believe in chicken wings. Especially fried chicken wings. Thank God for our beloved gospel bird! I don’t even know if one is called to preach if they do not like fried chicken. Who ever heard of a preacher worth his salt if they didn’t love fried chicken? Blasphemy!

Enough of that. Back to God’s wings. Allow me to wave you good bye with these beautiful words of hope from the Bible.


“…the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust

Ruth 2:12


…in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast”

Psalm 57:1


“I will trust in the covert of thy wings

Psalm 61:4


“Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice”

Psalm 63:7


We can trust, find refuge, help and rejoice in that shadow of God’s wings.

When My Heart Is Overwhelmed!


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bishop’s blog
L. Chancy Gore, bishop & hope dealer,
the refuge church of the lake cities

Normally I’m not one given to worry, anxiety or being overwhelmed. I’ve had my moments like anyone else. Recently, however, it seemed to be one of those seasons where the buildup of many things in life began to weigh heavily on me. I surprised myself by whispering out loud and alone, “I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed!” 

Then I heard the words of the psalmist of old whispering back to my spirit.

“…when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I” 

Psalm 61:2

This Holy Spirit inspired and scriptural answer calmed my broken spirit once again. Being overwhelmed and feeling overwhelmed are real and powerful things we deal with as humans. Our answer still remains the same. Our answer is still God, His Word, His Spirit, prayer, worship and daily relationship with Him. 

I was born in Garland, Texas. However, I grew up in southern California on a small beach community. As a boy, climbing upon and walking over the huge rocks that made up the jetties and the harbor between Silver Strand Beach and Hollywood Beach was almost a daily part of my life. Channel Islands Harbor was my boyhood playground. When I climbed up on those rocks, I could see a whole lot further. My perspective changed. I could see a bigger picture. One time I came upon a man that was sitting on the rocks. He was an artist. He was drawing. He was drawing a very lifelike ink drawing of the rock jetty, the harbor and the beach landscape. It was amazing!

God is our Rock. We should remember our need of Him every day. When our hearts become burdened down and overwhelmed, we need to find our way back to the Rock that is higher than any of us. It is in His presence that we can find a new and fresh perspective. There, we can find a bigger, better and clearer picture of it all. Who knows what the Master Artist may be drawing upon the canvas of our hearts in the process?

Have you felt overwhelmed of late? Are you overwhelmed right now? You’re not alone. The psalmist of old and I know how you feel. Jesus knows how you feel! Make your way to The Rock right now. Sometimes we need someone else to lead us. Sometimes we can’t find our way on our own. Sometimes, we can’t find our way back on our own. Please allow me to lead you to The Rock. Let’s go to Him together. His name is Jesus. A fresh perspective and vision of hope awaits you. 

When Fall Comes

When Fall Comes blog

pic by elizabeth gore

 When Fall Comes

the beauty of serving God in the season of release.


If left for us to choose, none of us would desire to lose,
It’s only natural to want to hold on and keep things and loved ones close,

God holds the times and the seasons in His mighty hand,
He alone knows the needs of our life’s landscape and land,

To every thing and every time there is a season,
For every thing and every time God has a reason,

When Fall comes may we not see it only as a time for cease,
Fall comes to every man’s life to be a season of release,

When Fall comes we are not alone, for others this path have trod,
When Fall comes may we be encouraged as we let go and let God


L. Chancy Gore

Alone With God In Prayer

alone with god blogpic by elizabeth gore

bishop lcgore

Alone with God in prayer.
My heart with Him I share.
He knows my every care.
My brokenness He desires to repair.
He delivers me from despair,
When I get alone with Him in prayer.

Alone with God in prayer my spirit begins to fly,
Alone with Gzd in prayer my selfish will begins to die.
Alone with God in prayer & reading God’s Word,
Alone with God in prayer I begin to surrender to the things that I have heard.

Alone with God in prayer!
Spiritual word!
Victory is mine!
Hope is renewed!
My eyes, spirit & soul are washed afresh,
Strength to overcome the flesh.

Alone with God in prayer comes sweet peace,
Alone with God in prayer comes Holy Spirit release!


Alone with God in prayer.
Alone with God in prayer ‘Til my day is done,
‘Til my battles I’ve won,
‘Til my race is won.
Alone with God in prayer.
He is Jesus my Lord.

6-12-18 gore


HE Graphicpic by elizabeth

lc gore 5-2-18
1 John 4:19


He was despised so we could be loved.
He was rejected so we could be accepted.
He was bruised so we could be beloved and beautiful.
He was bound so we could be set free.
He was afflicted so we could have peace.
He was broken so we could be made whole.
He was, at one moment, hopeless so we could live in daily hope!
He took our griefs so we could be victorious.
He took on our sorrows so we could be joyful.
He beame weak so through Him we could become strong.
He was buried for us so we could be buried with Him in baptism.
He rose again so we could live again and be born again.
He gave us His name so we don’t have to remain the same!
He gave us His Holy Spirit so we could be full of the Spirit of holiness.
He is One so that we could be one with Him.
He loved us first so that we could learn to love Him.
He is God!
His name is Jesus!

Earthen Vessels

1 earthen vesselspic by elizabeth

Earthen Vessels
bishop lc gore

Earthen vessels down here below,
Earthen vessels filled with what God bestows,
Earthen vessels full of the Spirit’s glow,
Earthen vessels

Earthen vessels praying earthen prayers,
Earthen vessels full of earthen cares,
Earthen vessels subject to break and crack,
Earthen vessels sometimes we lack,
Earthen vessels in the Potter’s hands,
Earthen vessels & earthen hearts He mends

Earthen vessels filled with God’s glory!
Earthen vessels, each filled with a story!
Earthen vessels burst forth flowing over the brim,
Earthen vessels simply full of Him!

Earthen vessels who’ve found refuge, hope and healing
Earthen vessels full of God’s dealing,
Earthen vessels full of the Holy Spirit’s treasures,
Earthen vessels filled with abounding measure

Earthen vessels…

One Day I Looked Up From My Phone

fullsizerenderpic by lcg

Recently the Lord dropped a little thought provoking poem into my spirit. I offer it to us all in the spirit of the continual need for balance and blessing. I thank God for the blessings of modern social media and our phones. As with anything, we are faced with the question of whether we will control it or will it control us? Let’s continue to make godly and righteous choices in our modern world of tech and connection.

Here’s a little godly pricking & provoking to just remind us to stay balanced in the midst of our ever increasing fast-paced lives. Let’s continue to use the internet, social media and suchlike for good and godly reasons. Yet, even godly peeps, tweeple, followers, likers and such need to keep things in check from time to time. I’m a fellow traveler.

Interestingly, I was recently with my family at a local home improvement store when I snapped the above picture. It appeared that possibly someone had enough and murdered their phone. Obviously, I stumbled upon a crime scene.

Kidding, of course.


One Day I Looked Up From My Phone

bishop lcgore | sept 2016


One day I looked up from my phone and my baby was born,

One day I looked up from my phone and my baby started walking,

One day I looked up from my phone and my baby was graduating from high school,

One day I looked up from my phone and my parents were getting older,

One day I looked up from my phone and my adult child was getting married,

One day I looked up and my grandchildren were born,

One day I looked up from my phone and talked with the funeral home director about my spouses arrangements,

One day I looked up from my phone and began to notice life and..

One day I looked up from my phone and there I suddenly stood before the face of God.

When Dreamers Die

scripture screen shotpic by lcg

When Dreamers Die

bishop lcgore | september 1, 2016


When dreamers die,
dark seems the sky,

When dreamers die,
It’s easy to ask, “Why?”

When dreamers die some give up the fight,
When dreamers die, how dark is the night!

Even dreamers hurt and bleed,
Every dreamer has their own need,

Even shepherds can fall apart,
Even dreamers can be weary of heart,

Sometimes hope hurts,
Sometimes dreaming again hurts,

“Lord, when…?”
“Lord, I thought…”
“Lord, things were supposed to be…”

Every crucifixion leads to resurrection when you refuse to stay down,
The spirit of faith says, “My God will turn this around!”

Every God called dreamer must come to a place of…

“I die daily”,
“He must increase, I must decrease”,
“Not my will, but thine be done Oh Lord”,

Doth the dreamer yet live?
Doth the dreamer yet hope?
Dare the dreamer to dream again?
A thousand thundering times, “YES!”

It’s time to dream again!
It’s time to get up again!
It’s time to try again!
It’s time to run again!
It’s time to believe again!


The dreamer liveth!
The dreamer cometh!
The dreamer is back!

He’s carrying his book of visions and dreams,
Hope, healing and Holy Spirit,

I hear the dreamer coming,
Can you hear it?

Let us work while it is yet day,
Church, we must all work,

Dream it!
Dare it!
Share it!
Do it!

The dreamer liveth!
The dreamer is arising!
Behold, the dreamer is here!
Thou art the dreamer!

Hope is rising!



entangledpic by lcg


l. chancy gore, bishop & senior pastor
the refuge church of the lake cities

feb 17, 2016

I’m stuck.
I cannot get out.
I cannot go forward.
I cannot go backwards.
I’m caught.
I’m caught up.
I’m ensnared.
I’m scared.
I’m entangled!

Help me!
Someone, please come.
I need help.
I cannot get out alone.
It’s getting dark now.
I should have never started this.
I should have never come here.


This is not what I thought it would be!

How did I get caught up with this?
Why was I so foolish?
Why didn’t I listen?

I’m entangled.
I’m tied down.
I’m tied up.
I’m too tied up.
I’m bound.
I’m in bondage.
I’m stuck.
I’m losing my feeling.


What is that light?
Where went my night?
I’m too tired to fight.
I’m ready to make things right.
I see it!
A voice!
A hand!
Help has come!



I’m set free!
No more entangled.
No more darkness.
I’m no longer hopeless.

I’ve been loosed.
I’ve been let go.
I’m flowing.
I’m going.
I’m growing.
I see differently now.
I know differently now.
I am different now.

No more entangled!